Food and fun with friends and family

My Style

CHECK YOUR FUSS AT THE DOOR, uhn-KAY! You won’t find me using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, truffle-infused-this or aioli-that (I can’t even spell it), low-fat salad dressing (read the label, the main ingredient is WATER), or egg-white-only anything – the yolks are tasty, and such a pretty shade of yellow!

Nor will you find SnackWells in my pantry – you will, however, invariably find at least one package of Oreos there at all times, and several if the mint flavored ones are in season (especially if they’re on sale).


One of the wisest things my father has always said to us is: Anything in moderation is okay.  He’s a doctor, listen to him.  Make heaps of food, but share it with your friends and family.  They’ll love you even more for it!

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